To be a supportive, “behind the scenes” non-profit development partner, serving thousands of organizations and ministries.


To provide expertise, resources, and support to enable non-profits and ministries to maximize their mission impact.


To assist individuals and groups who have a passion to solve various physical, emotional, financial, relational, or spiritual needs in the community.

Our Services

Non-profit questions

It seems like everyone—friends, family, co-workers know something about non-profits, but too often, the information is incomplete, misleading, or just wrong. On the other hand, more and more individuals and groups are seeing needs in their communities and deciding to join the non-profit sector in making a difference, but have questions. Check out our e-book, NON-PROFITS 101, for the answers.

Non-profit startup

Behind the Scenes has worked with hundreds of individuals and groups in the formation of their community- based, faith-based ministries, and churches, providing an affordable and personal service to guide them through the 501(c)(3) process. Although the “paperwork” is important--100% of the applicants have been approved—our goal is to become a “behind the scenes” partner in order to help maximize your mission impact.

Non-profit problems

Behind the Scenes has also worked with existing non-profit groups to re-focus or re-launch their organizations through strategic planning, board/ leadership development, compliance/ problem solving.

Non-profit sustainability

Most often related to funding/ fundraising, sustainability also includes the topics of Planning, Evaluation, Program Design, Personnel, Community Engagement, Partners, and Communication. Behind the Scenes can provide this training which will lead to the long term sustainability of your organization.

Business related non-profits

Behind the Scenes is currently developing a strategy exploring the benefits for a business to start a business-related non-profit group. Historically, many business owners have realized an obligation for “giving back” to their communities—moving from operating a successful business to making an impact in the community. One option is to form a business related non-profit to address the community need, while maintaining a degree of control, and providing specific benefits for your business.


One of the results of Behind the Scenes’ on-going “behind the scenes” relationships with hundreds of non-profit organizations is large working network of groups which are working to make lives better in their communities, and access to this network can be very valuable in terms of program development, partnership opportunities, quickly answered questions, etc. Connecting with other organizations (local or not)

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